Monday, July 13, 2009

"Life is Calling...

Apologies for being probably the umpteenth person to use that line as the title of their first blog post, but I've just always liked that Peace Corps ad campaign. In those lines, someone captured well the sense of yearning that we probably all feel, at least from time to time, for a really big and challenging adventure. More often than not though someone else rings in, so we put that call on hold until Life gets tired of holding and hangs up. But here's a hopeful note, even if you're a procrastinator like me and you keep putting off getting back to that call, Life may still be holding. Who'd have thought?
Starting in the 1970's I watched with considerable envy as my best high school pal, then my brother, then my sister, and then even my son accepted the Peace Corps invitation to serve, packed their bags and flew off to wonderful far away lands. I didn't have that much trouble convincing myself that I was having my own brand of adventures and making my own unique contribution to this or to that, or maybe even that my own time was still coming. I'm not sure how much I really believed it, but you know, it really does look like it's going to happen. In a few short weeks my turn will be here--flying off to Panama to begin a two year stint as a Peace Corps Volunteer.
My plan is to use this blog to tell you all about it, and I promise not to use corny metaphors like this every time. But I needed to post something so I could experiment with the formatting and stuff, so it was between this and a reproduction of my complete packing list.
Wish me luck!
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